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Album: Live at Missi's (2004)

Song: Puppet Carnage

Bitrate: 192kbps

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22B is a band from Maumee, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio. It was formed by singers Darhel "Beef" Baker and Tyler Brebberman. Various lineups included bassist Mike Shimel, drummers Michael Moulin and Tim Burkhart, and DJ Chris Kohlenberg.

Michael Evans initially provided keyboards for the band, but became the band's bass player when guitarist Derek Hastings joined the band. In 2000, Michael Evans became the second guitarist of the band, and Tim left the band, leaving a hole in the lineup. After meandering through the same thirteen songs in the studio several times, the group had all but parted ways.

During a major blackout in the Midwest in August of 2003, bassist Mark Lawrence met guitarist Frank Osborn by chance at the apartment complex they were living at. They got together with Darhel Baker to push the idea of reforming the group. Michael Evans and Darhel agreed to try rehearsing with them, and 22B was reborn. In early 2004, Tony Fanelli joined in on the drums.